The raise of bitcoin gambling

As a first post on this new blog of mine, we’re going to talk about a field that doesn’t get enough attention in my opinion: bitcoin, and more specifically bitcoin gambling!

The online casino world is growing every day. And sometime around early 2011, bitcoin casinos started popping us. In 2013 and especially 2014, the growth had accelerated to quite ridicilouss sums, just in term of casino selection – there were at one point a casino popping up every 2 days on average. Needless to say, at this date, not all of those survived, but instead we have some very very high quality casinos that came and took the majority of the market share of the small players.

But theres a reason we saw a bitcoin casino goldrush! Bitcoin gambling is very profitable, yes, but it is also very user friendly, compared to traditional style casinos. When it comes to gambling, regulation is your enemy. Regulation makes it difficult to get your money out quickly, and it imposes taxation and rules in most countries. With bitcoin, anonymous play and no ID checks are a regularity. Some casinos go the way of obtaining a license, but honestly it is the wrong move. Bitcoin users don’t want regulation or the eyes of every goverment on their stash, the governments of the world already know too much.

Unregulated casinos are self governed by the bitcoin world and provably fair mathematics, which works better than one might imagine at first. There are very legitimate and trusthworthy companies in the space, and just because they do not possess a corrupted gambling license, doesn’t make them crooks. Of course not all casinos can be trusted, but let me ask you this. Which is more likely to affect your decision to play at a casino – one’s reputation, or the existence of an arbitary license that really does not guarantee anything other than the games are fair, but the player can still be fooled by many other tricks? Obviously, the answer is reputation, as it’s the only thing that cannot be manipulated.

I encourage all online gambling enthusiasts to check out!!


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