Cloud Gaming – Should Your Business Adopt It?

A quick intro, if you don’t know what cloud gaming is, watch this video:

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5 Advantages Of Cloud Gaming For Your Business

You got the skills with the pads and can take down any gamer out there, but have you given cloud gaming a try?

When you think of gaming, most people imagine having a group of friends over and laying out the latest PS4 and Xbox games. But what if we were to tell you that you can take your gaming experience to a whole new level?

Well that’s what you can expect when you take a dive into cloud gaming. Unlike normal gaming, you can take the challenge to an international frame because this is all about getting connected. You now have the option to use the internet to better your experience and expand your reach.

This is a new form of gaming and most companies are looking to take their brands down this road. Things will be switched from the ordinary physical console to a cloud console. But what exactly are the advantages of this type of medium in the gaming world?

Well for businesses:

Cultural Communication

If this platform is to take hold in the gaming world, there will be an integration of cultures on a wide scale. In this case we are talking about the fact that due to it being internet related, a lot of people from different cultures and backgrounds will be able to communicate and interact with one another.

Individuals will be able to explore different cultures and understand people who love gaming in a controlled environment.

No More Piracy?

With cloud gaming you will find that data and games will be more accessible to the gamers thus reducing the cost that piracy may have on a business. By making it more accessible, the companies that take up this platform will be able to reduce revenue costs. In fact, there would be an increase in revenue costs as we all know consumers are now connected so the customer base is set and ready to go.

In the same line, when you have a centralized domain or system for cloud gaming, data collection will be easily available for the companies as well as the fact that analysis of the data will be at a low cost.

Acceptance By The Public

Sometimes we find that when we introduce new technology to consumers, it may take time for them to integrate with it. But this will not be the same when it comes to cloud gaming.

When there is a system change or upgrade is it all done on the same platform and it will make it easier for companies to pass along new ideas and technology to their consumers. In the end it will lead to the increase as well as flexibility for the companies to explore and build themselves.

When we talk of flexibility we are saying that there will be more hard drive space and processing power making the possibilities endless.

The companies will be tackling the limitations that a consumer may have by now allowing them to purchase resources that best suit them without having to go out and buy new technology that may be quiet costly.

Its All In The Time Zones

Cloud gaming can take your reach to different markets to the next level. You will find that you can now cater to different countries at different time zones allowing them to have usage of the program when they need it and as often.

As a company you will also be able to take their gaming experience above and beyond. This is due to the fact that they can now get a quality gaming experience as well as the fact that they will be able to play their favorite games on any platform. Here we are talking about:

  • OS
  • Android
  • Chrome
  • Window

As for the consumers, well your world just changed with one click.

Play As You Start

We all hate that moment when you really want a game but can’t get it until its finished downloading. If it’s a good game with great graphics then we know that it can take quite a bit of time. But when you are a part of cloud gaming, you don’t have to wait for that.

You will find that since the games are based in one system, all you have to do is click the game you want and straight away get to play your game. That for us is a plus.


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